Over the past couple of years I always wanted to share stories, but barely had the time. People told me that they viewed me as empowered, inspired, and motivated as they watched my social media posts from a distance.

Many days I thought and felt: failure, defeat, and exhaustion because we tend to be our own worst critic. I have been working my ass off and barely had time for myself or my family. As I pushed through a ton of challenges and maintained a great poker face; my family, therapy, and other resources helped me tremendously. Maybe I made it look easy, but it has been very tough for me. You may be surprised by this, but that has been a very difficult concept for me to adopt especially because I am very driven and always strategically looking at the bigger picture.  

Suddenly I started questioning, "why am I in such a rush to reach the end result and not truly taking time to enjoy the view along the way? Or appreciate the steps taken towards the goal." That's when it hit me! The entire time I was comparing my journey to someone else's journey. Worried about what other people think, when I just needed to stay in my own lane. I was not only looking at social media comparisons, but also society's normal timelines that tell us where we should be in certain aspects or areas of our life. Watching other people accomplish goals and feeling like I was behind was a bunch of BS. As of late, I realized: "The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence, andyou are right where you are meant to be."   

Here is the inside scoop...  without failure, there will be no success. Most of us only share our success or awards and keep our failures a secret. Therefore, I am a bit nervous about sharing my inner thoughts to just anyone, but I have decided to document this new journey publicly. This includes documenting challenges along the entrepreneurial quest as I build the event brand. Not quite sure how this will play out, but this blog is my next leap of faith, in addition to my most courageous leap of faith, resigning from my corporate job.

If you don't know me personally, I recently resigned from my corporate job of 12 years on April 12th to pursue my passion in the event industry. Leaving a reliable source of income for a small business sporadic income was a HUGE challenge. One of the larger struggles was and still is relying on another person for support. I can't seem to shake the independent woman syndrome. The whole "I don't need a man or anyone for anything" crap. 🙋  --> Yep I called it crap, and I will tell you more about that crap in future writings. The business is doing well, however, I am thankful that as I walk by faith into my entrepreneur future, Chris provides the stability needed to support my dreams. (picture reference below)  

I decided to gift myself the freedom of speech on my birthday (today). If you made it this far in my blog, then welcome! This means you are curious about what I am going to say. I never thought anyone would be interested in my experiences and yet here I am writing and sharing with you right now. I contemplated this blog for months, but then I figured if you read something that makes you laugh, smile, or feel inspired, then I accomplished the goal of this blog.

Happy Reading!